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Best YouTube Channels For NEET In English

Writing the NEET, and JEE examinations are hard enough but adding the difficulty associated with finding the right resources to study to it simply worsens the issue.

Although there are multiple channels on YouTube where you could always find lessons for both beginners and revision learners, most are usually in Hindi.

For Hindi lessons, click this link to check out some of the best YouTube teachers and channels to help you prepare for chemistry, physics, and biology examinations.

This is understandable as these are Indian examinations. Unfortunately, searching for courses in English to prepare for these examinations can be very exhausting.

In the scenario where for one reason or the other, you’d rather prefer lessons in English, we’ve researched for you and will list some of the best English lessons on some unique YouTube channels where you can prepare for the NEET and JEE examinations.

Bear in mind that the YouTube channels on this list are not based on any particular order.

1.      Lectures By Walter Lewin

Subject: Physics

Language: English

Subscribers: 1.1 million+

First on our list is the appropriately named “Lectures by Walter Lewin”. As the name suggests, lessons on this channel are presented by Walter Lewin.

He is a retired professor at MIT and provides standardized lessons with added demonstrations to make them easier to understand.

His channel focuses main on Physics and is taught in English making it great for anyone with a preference for English for their NEET examination preparation.

Topics cover areas in classical mechanics, electricity, and magnetism, and vibrations and waves.

Lesson notes, assignments, and solutions are also provided in the lesson descriptions to enable learners to easily access them and follow along with the lectures.

2.      Misostudy – JEE NEET CBSE Online Coaching

Subject: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics

Language: English, Hindi

Subscribers: 240k+

Second, on our list is the Misostudy YouTube channel. This channel covers biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics lessons for learners to adequately prepare for JEE, NEET, and CBSE.

Lessons on this channel are grouped into individual playlists and each lesson presented in the Hindi playlist can also be found in the English playlist.

From biology lessons in English to Mathematics lessons, Misostudy provides lessons grouped into the respective form of examination.

If English is your preferred mode of lesson or content delivery, this channel may be one of the best options available especially for revision purposes.

3.      MIT OpenCourseWare(OCW)

Subject: Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics

Language: English

Subscribers: 3.3 Million+

MIT OCW is another popular YouTube channel for learners looking to build themselves up in physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics.

Lessons are presented in the English language and are suitable for both the beginner learner and the more advanced learner looking for course revision.

They have a broad range of playlists covering multiple subject topic areas including graph theory and additive combinatorics, the fundamentals of photovoltaics, and many more.

4.      IIT-PAL

Subject: Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry

Language: English

IIT-PAL provides four separate channels for biology, mathematics, physics, and chemistry. These channels are appropriately named and aim to equip students to better prepare for their NEET and JEE examinations.

Lessons are all presented in English and taught by two separate IIT professors.

Find the channels below

Ch-22 Physics [ IIT-PAL]

This channel is dedicated to physics lessons

Ch-21Mathematics [IIT-PAL]

This channel is dedicated to mathematics lessons

Ch-20 Chemistry [IIT-PAL]

This channel is dedicated to chemistry lessons

Ch-19 Biology [ IIT-PAL]

This channel is dedicated to biology lessons

5.      Khan Academy

Subject: Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and more

Language: English

Subscribers: 6.8 Million+

The Khan Academy YouTube channel covers multiple subjects including the most relevant to NEET and JEE learners being biology, mathematics, chemistry, and physics.

From lessons on aldehydes in chemistry to macromolecules in biology, Khan Academy provides you with comprehensive lessons to help you better understand any topic and prepare you for examinations.

That said, the main Khan Academy YouTube channel provides access to all the above subjects but has a dedicated channel for physics.

Khan Academy Physics

This is Khan Academy’s dedicated channel for physics lessons and covers a broad range of topics.

6.      Dan Fullerton

Subject: Physics

Language: English

Subscribers: 28k+

Another great YouTube channel is Dan Fullerton. This channel is dedicated to physics lessons and covers most topics available in NCERT physics.

Lessons are provided in English and aim to help even a beginner gain a better understanding of physics in general and every other concept including magnetism and mechanics.

The Bottom Line

Although there are multiple YouTube channels you can leverage to better prepare for your NEET or JEE, the above listed are some of the best for those looking for lessons in English.

If you’re in the market for Hindi lessons, check out this article for the list of some of the overall best YouTube channels that can help prepare you for your examination.

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