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Essential Stationery For Teachers

I’m a new teacher, what stationery do I need for the school term or year? Most teachers new to the profession or school might be wondering what to get. We love thinking about the stationery haul we’re going to need to take along on our first day.

We need to look professional and show our peers that we’re fully prepared and know what we’re doing. But you can’t simply go out and buy whatever teacher tools are most expensive, or trendy hoping that they’d prove useful.

Stationery’s easy to misplace and you should expect other teachers to be borrowing something on a daily basis. Some of these borrowed items would never find their way back to their original owner.

Teachers don’t make a fortune and these little expenses can cumulatively sum up to a huge amount, if care isn’t taken. As a result, whatever you buy should get the job done and be easily replaceable and should it be misplaced.

That said, making the decision on what to purchase to make your job as a teacher easier is no rocket science. We’ll take a look at some of the products you’ll need.

It is worth noting that the needs of teachers may differ depending on the level of education and the subject they might be teaching. Products presented in this article are also meant for the teacher and not their students.

For software tools that can make your job as a teacher easier, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best tools for both online and offline teachers.

Essential Stationery

Dry Erase Markers

dry erase marker - prioritylearn

While most educational institutions provide these for their teachers, it’s always advisable to have a set of your own available, in the event of a shortage. Students have a habit of playing with the classroom marker when the teacher is unavailable.

Unlike teachers who would always cover them right back up after use, students most of the time simply ignore this leaving dry erase markers uncapped for prolonged periods. This leads to markers simply drying out and unusable when you need them the most.

As a result, it’s recommended that you always have one available at all times. This is useful as well when the marker simply stops working in the middle of a class. Having a backup will eliminate any disruption of the ongoing class.


stapler - prioritylearn

A stapler is an essential tool to acquire in order to keep documents organized in the classroom. You don’t need to buy the most expensive stapler you can find but a quality stapler that can get the job done well would make things easier.

File Folders

file folder - prioritylearn

Organize documents into folders for easier identification. Keep all your files in order, for different subjects with a file folder. There’re various forms of folders you can purchase but most perform the same function irrespective of the brand.

If you’d like to use these file folders for a long time, you can go for stronger products that can stand the rigorous movements and years of usage.


calculator - prioritylearn

While your phone would be an easier option than carrying a dedicated calculator, having one still serves a purpose in an academic environment. Our phones can perform multiple tasks including acting as a calculator.

Unfortunately, it also serves as a source of distraction for obvious reasons. The best option would be to acquire a dedicated calculator to perform the necessary tasks.

Additionally, calculators are less expensive and stronger in most cases than phones. This makes it easy to pass to a student without fear of mistakenly dropping it.

Paper Clips

paper clip - prioritylearn

Paper clips can help you keep things together and organized in the classroom. Teachers have to deal with papers and these can be bound into a book in order to hold the leaves together.


ruler - prioritylearn

Clear or metal, a ruler is essential for any teacher. If you simply need a ruler for yourself, a metallic ruler may be more appropriate as it would last longer.

On the other hand, you can also invest in a box of clear rulers to provide any student who forgets to bring theirs to school.


pen - prioritylearn

Obviously, you need to carry a pen on your person at all times as a teacher. Unfortunately, you’re most likely to lose a pen in any educational environment. From teachers borrowing to lending them to students and even simply losing them, it’s easy to lose a pen as a teacher.

Teachers may be more likely to borrow red pens while students may borrow black or blue. It’s advisable to purchase whichever colors you’d need for the job but refrain from purchasing expensive pens as you’d most likely run out of ink quickly or simply lose it.

To make things simple, you can invest in a simple multi-colored pen that you can carry along everywhere you go. Its usefulness is obvious as you can easily access whichever color of pen you need from a single pen without the need to carry 4 different pens.

Paper Towels

paper towel - prioritylearn

While some may not consider this essential, accidents are bound to happen in the classroom. Paper towels would come in handy in such an eventuality.

Glue Stick

glue stick - prioritylearn

Depending on your subject area, you may need more of these. Investing in a good brand would be useful here.

Pencil Sharpener

sharpener - prioritylearn

Save yourself the trouble of looking for a sharpener every day for a student. Pencil edges get blunted easily in classrooms where they’re frequently used. Invest in either manual or a good automatic sharpener.


pencil - prioritylearn

Stock up on pencils as students go through them quickly and they can also easily get lost. If you’re using them personally, it’s still advisable to stock up as you’re very likely going to lose them just as frequently as you lose pens.


highlighter - prioritylearn

A highlighter is necessary to highlight certain areas of assignments and other academic deliverables that need to be reviewed or areas of work you’d like to make more outline.

Post-It Notes

post-it - prioritylearn

This is a teacher must have for remembering important tasks that need to be done. You can also leverage them for classroom activities including games.

Desk Organizer

After buying everything, keep in mind that you need to keep your desk neat. A simple desk organizer would enable you to keep your pencils, pens, sharpeners, glue stick, rulers, and any other tools neatly organized on your desk.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, first time teaching in a school can seem overwhelming. You might be looking through a bunch of products on various marketplace platforms and wondering what to buy.

Teachers don’t make much in most states and even in most parts of the world. There’s no need to buy everything you come across. Simply purchase what you’ll need the most and then proceed with other products as needed.

Refrain from expensive products and go for cheaper options that can get the job done as you’re very likely to lose some of these products at the school.

Most of the tools listed in this article are meant to make your job as a teacher in a new school easier. That said, it’s advisable that you make inquiries from your head of department.

They would most likely forward you to another teacher in the same department to help you if necessary.

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