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Selling online courses remains one of the most lucrative means of online passive income generation. With the necessary expertise or knowledge, anyone can create online courses and make them available on their websites or established marketplace platforms like Udemy and Skillshare.

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PLR Courses (PriorityLearn)

With new niches being identified and thousands of courses created and included in the already huge portfolio of courses available on individual platforms and marketplace platforms like Udemy and Skillshare, trying to stand out can be challenging especially for new entrants.

While the online course industry continues to grow, two major challenges exist that both new entrants and established content creators should be aware of, namely market saturation and diversifying revenue streams.

Market Saturation

For both individual content creators and companies, online courses provide a passive source of income as well as a means for efficient and affordable employee training. Unfortunately, the online course market is saturated with courses in every industry and new niches are identified each year.

This presents a challenge for content creators looking to simply create another course since marketplace platforms are now over-populated with these courses.

Buy our quality Udemy PLR courses

PLR Courses (PriorityLearn)

Diversifying Revenue Streams

Most of the revenue generated from online courses revolve around the sale of single-use licenses to students through marketplace platforms. While this can be profitable especially when your course gets the necessary exposure or ranking on this platform this isn’t always the case.

A majority of the courses on these platforms never reach their full potential as bigger and more established content producers usually rank the highest on these platforms and new entrants end up unable to compete.

Additionally, most content creators on these platforms rely on revenue generated from course sales and are unable to tap into other lucrative revenue sources, most notably private label rights (PLR). PLR enables content creators to license their courses to other resellers and companies for a fee. Find out more about PLR from this article.

How Resellers Can Use PLR Courses

Private label rights is a license that enables content creators to sell resell rights to their courses. Courses purchased under PLR license can be modified and rebranded by the reseller and sold on the reseller’s own website.

This license enables anyone, whether an expert in a field or not, to own the rights to a particular course, modify it if they want and then sell them on their own website. This presents a great opportunity to anyone looking to enter into the online course market and wants a cheaper way of content creation.

Acquiring a PLR license to any course means you can skip any resource intensiveness of content creation, select the best course and sell to your audience while keeping any revenue generated through the endeavor.

That said, while PLR licenses provide a lot of freedom, the license has its limitations as resellers can only sell the courses on their own websites. Courses purchased under private label rights license restricts selling these courses on any online course marketplace like Udemy or making the courses available on free membership platforms like YouTube.

Buy our quality Udemy PLR courses

PLR Courses (PriorityLearn)

You simply need to buy the PLR license to the course and then you can sell the course on your own website and keep 100% of any generated revenue. If you don’t own a learning management system to sell these courses, check out our recommended LMSs for hosting your courses.

How Companies Can Use PLR Courses

Corporate training is a key aspect of every business to facilitate employee onboarding, keeping employees updated on various aspects of their business, and training on rising technologies in the business. As a result, companies spend millions of dollars yearly to provide in-person training or some form of remote training most notably online training.

Creating the necessary courses can be resource-intensive as such, some companies resort to enrolling employees on an online training program or registering them on Udemy Business. While these options are effective, they can also be expensive as companies in most cases have to spend up to $1200 per year simply to subscribe 5 of their employees to this package.

These companies can leverage the private label rights market to provide these same courses to their employees at a fraction of this cost. Simply purchase a lifetime private label rights license to the necessary courses and the company owns the courses to reuse for their corporate training.

The savings on this approach are astronomical and these companies simply need to abide by the terms of the license agreement by hosting the courses on their own learning management systems. Employee onboarding, training, or upgrading to modern technologies become easier simply by purchasing private label courses.

Buy Udemy Plr Courses

One of the greatest challenges with private label courses has to do with the quality of lecture content as well as the video. Some resellers have complained of the quality of the private label rights courses on the market. While companies that produce these courses continue to advance and invest more into producing quality content, the small size of the market remains a restraining factor.

Buy our quality Udemy PLR courses

PLR Courses (PriorityLearn)

To counter this, we here at PriorityLearn have partnered with some of the best Udemy instructors to make their courses available as Private Label Courses. Resellers can easily watch a preview of these courses directly on Udemy and also ascertain content quality from student ratings and reviews, all directly on the Udemy platform.

Courses available as private label courses include the following categories:

  • Business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Technology
  • Marketing

Our platform is still expanding and continuing to increase our list of partners and portfolio of courses. If you’re an Udemy instructor and would like to license your courses under private label rights, simply contact us.

Why Purchase Udemy PLR Courses

Udemy is the world’s largest marketplace for online courses with over 30,000 courses covering almost any industry you can imagine. With such a wide range of courses comes competition, and with competition comes advancements in content and video quality.

And although, not every course on Udemy is of the best quality, student reviews, and ratings on these courses portray a clear picture of a course’s good or poor quality. Depending on how they sell their courses on the popular marketplace, Udemy may either own an exclusivity contract that prevents selling these courses anywhere outside the platform, or content creators still have the right to sell their courses wherever they deem fit.

Buy our quality Udemy PLR courses

PLR Courses (PriorityLearn)

Our partnership with these content creators enables them to license their courses under private label rights to resellers looking to sell single-use licenses to students or to enroll their employees for training. The license forbids resellers from:

  • Selling the course on Udemy, Skillshare, or any other marketplace
  • Hosting courses on free membership platforms like YouTube
  • Giving the course out for free

Benefits Of PLR For Content Creators

  • Additional revenue
  • Higher course visibility

Benefits Of PLR For Resellers

  • Affordable
  • Timesaving
  • Editable
  • 100% revenue

Call To Content Creators

Creating online courses can be resource-intensive and content creators need to be compensated for their efforts. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case as some content creators are unable to achieve the visibility they need for their excellent courses to be profitable.

While this may be the case, there are others on the market looking to create similar courses but do not have the necessary skills or resources to do so, even though they may have a base to which they can market the courses.

PriorityLearn helps content creators license their courses to these individuals and companies even while they continue to sell their courses. If you’re a content creator interested in making additional revenue by licensing your course under private label rights, get in touch with us.


Can I Sell PLR Courses On Udemy

No. Courses purchased under PLR license can only be sold on the reseller’s own website or any other websites agreed to by the course creator. Selling PLR courses on Udemy, other marketplace platforms, or any free membership website is in violation of the PLR license.

How Do You Monetize PLR Courses

PLR courses can be sold on the reseller’s own website at the price they choose using a learning management system. 100% of revenue generated belongs only to the reseller.

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