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Do Teachers Know About Chegg, Course Hero, Quizlet, Photomath, Mathway

The availability of tools geared toward helping students in their studies came with questions about academic integrity violations. And while perspectives on their usage vary from teacher to teacher and from school to school, all parties agree that, when utilized properly, these technologies may be valuable resources for students.

Unfortunately, regulating the appropriate usage of these tools can be challenging which led to some schools outright banning their students from using them on their networks.

Yet, students still leverage tools like Chegg, Course Hero, Brainly, Quizlet, Photomath, and Mathway in their studies. Some students use them as study resources as intended while others resort to leveraging them for cheating.

Irrespective of the reasons for using these tools, the split opinion over their usage especially by relevant stakeholders like teachers can lead to students questioning the legality of using these apps and whether teachers can identify students using them.

This article will focus on whether teachers can know when teachers use these applications. If you’d like to know whether Chegg and Course Hero notify schools when students start using them, you can check out the articles below.

Does Chegg notify your school and does Course Hero notify your school?

Do Teachers Know About Chegg

Chegg is a platform that empowers college students by equipping them with essential resources including digital and physical textbooks, questions and answers, and homework help.

While students looking for further clarification in their course would ordinarily have to either contact their teachers and peers or even pay a tutor to come to their homes, Chegg solves this challenge by making the necessary resources available at the convenience of the student.

Students can ask for help anytime and even leverage the questions and answers on the platform to better understand any concepts they want. College students no longer needed to spend ridiculous amounts of money on textbooks either, as textbooks were available on Chegg for rent.

But do teachers know when students use Chegg for an assignment or as a study resource to help them better understand concepts?

Yes, teachers know about Chegg, but Chegg does not notify or provide teachers with information about student usage except in the event of an official academic integrity investigation. That said, plagiarism checkers can detect copy-pasted content from Chegg, submitted without paraphrasing as Chegg encourages content monitoring tools including plagiarism checkers to crawl available content on the platform.

Any assignment copied from Chegg without paraphrasing and submitted to teachers would be easily flagged by premium plagiarism checkers who can crawl Chegg’s available content during comparison tests.

Schools that start an official investigation in the case of plagiarized content from Chegg would receive Chegg’s corporation to aid in their investigation.

Do Teachers Know About Course Hero

Course Hero is an online platform that enables students to access educational resources including notes, questions, answers, tutors, and more. The general purpose of the platform is to leverage the global community of tutors and students to aid students in their course work.

Like Chegg, Course Hero encourages and expects students to adhere to a strict honor code. It does not notify any schools of student usage as the platform is designed to serve as a study aid for students.

Unfortunately, this hasn’t stopped some students from leveraging the platform for cheating by simply copying content from Course Hero and turning them in as their assignments to their teachers.

This form of usage is against Course Hero’s honor code and also like Chegg, they readily encourage content crawlers like premium plagiarism checkers to crawl their database of information during comparison tests.

Yes, teachers know about Course Hero but cannot identify students using Course Hero except in the event of an official academic integrity investigation. Additionally, Course Hero allows premium plagiarism checkers and other content crawlers to crawl and include their databases during similarity tests.

Content copied from Course Hero and submitted as an assignment would easily be detected by premium plagiarism checkers. Plagiarism is a serious crime that comes with severe consequences including paper cancellation.

Additionally, Course Hero’s honor code enables them to corporate with any institutions in the event of an official academic integrity investigation.

Do Teachers Know About Quizlet

Quizlet is a digital educational resource platform and application that facilitates student learning through games, flashcards, and other interactive tools. Not only is the platform a great tool for students, but it’s also a great resource for teachers, and parents looking for ways to engage their wards and students.

Yes, teachers know about students using Quizlet but do not know which students use the platform nor can they access information about any particular student on the Quizlet unless in the event of an official investigation into academic integrity violations. Additionally, copy-pasted content from Quizlet would be flagged by premium plagiarism checkers which are allowed to crawl Quizlet’s content to be included in comparison tests.

That said, profile information and other details may be visible to others, although Quizlet provides the option to modify these details. It’s advisable to use Quizlet resources as intended in the case of students.

Check out this article, if you’d like to find out more about whether using Quizlet constitutes cheating and other relevant questions about its usage.

Do Teachers Know About Photomath

Photomath is an app that utilizes an advanced neural network to analyze maths problems and help students solve and understand them by providing step-by-step solutions. This software when used properly becomes an asset not only to students but to teachers and parents as well.

Parents and teachers can leverage the software to revise or better understand a question to teach students. With such a great tool, concerns begin to arise about whether students are using this tool to cheat.

After all, students could easily get their assignments solved by the application without the need to understand. They could easily copy the answers and present them as their own. This is why some teachers are against the use of such tools for assignments.

Yes, teachers know about Photomath but have no way of accessing Photomath’s user database to identify their students who use the application. That said, students caught using the application during tests would face consequences for academic integrity violations as the application gives them an undue advantage. Students should use the application as a study resource.

Additionally, teachers can also identify students using these educational resource tools unproductively when they do well in assignments and fail invigilated tests where they cannot use their phones or computers.

Do Teachers Know About Mathway

Mathway is a math problem solver tool that provides a step-by-step explanation of math solutions. Mathway solves math questions ranging from basic math problems, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, finite math, linear algebra, graphing to chemistry.

While Mathway is useful as an educational resource tool, some students tend to misuse it. Questions posted to Mathway are solved and answered with the necessary steps to aid students in better understanding how to solve that particular math problem.

Unfortunately, some students simply choose to copy answers provided by the application without understanding the necessary steps. This leads to students gaining good grades in their assignments but failing or getting poor grades in examinations.

Yes, teachers know about Mathway but have no way of accessing Mathway’s user database to identify their students who use the application. Students caught using the application during tests would however be penalized for breaching academic integrity policies.

It’s also important to note that students who do well in assignments and fail in proctored classroom tests would be suspected of cheating. That said, the teacher would be unable to identify the specific tool the student used for cheating.

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