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Is Udemy For Business Worth It? Alternatives

Udemy is arguably the most popular online course marketplace platform in the world with 185k+ courses available for students to choose from. Udemy also provides a service geared toward businesses looking to develop employee skills popularly known as Udemy for Business.

What Is Udemy For Business

Udemy for Business is a dedicated section of the prominent online course marketplace Udemy that caters to businesses and their employees.

In our modern fast-growing and competitive industries, businesses need to stay updated with the current technological advancements to stay competitive. Employee training has become essential for such businesses and Udemy for Business serves as a subscription package for these businesses.

Udemy for Business brings together some of the best-selling courses on the Udemy platform to make them available to companies for employee training through a subscription model.

Additionally, Udemy for Business also provides an option for companies to securely host their proprietary course and subsequently make them available for training their employees.

Category of courses beneficial to businesses like marketing, leadership and strategy, cloud computing, office productivity, workplace and human resources, and even content management systems are available for employee training.

How Udemy Business Works For Instructors

While Udemy as a course marketplace host more than 185,000 courses, not all these courses are eligible for inclusion on Udemy for Business. Udemy for Business leverages a number of criteria to determine which courses should be included in its collection.

In order to be considered for inclusion, instructors are given the option to opt-in to the Udemy Business Content Subscription marketing program. Udemy for Business’s team then reviews student feedback, course ratings, number of enrollments, instructor reputation and relevance (updated content), and demand from Udemy for Business customers before including a course.

Courses that do not meet the team’s criteria are not included even if the instructor has opted into Udemy for Business.

How Udemy Business Works For Businesses

Companies looking to provide course content to train their employees can simply subscribe to one of two plans available for Udemy for Business.

The 1st plan is the Team Plan designed for a minimum of 5 users and a maximum of 20 users. This subscription plan cost $360 per user per year and companies cannot pay a monthly subscription. Team members enrolled in this plan get access to more than 6,500 courses. However, these companies cannot create and host their proprietary courses on the platform for corporate training.

The 2nd plan is the Enterprise plan which is designed for companies looking to train more than 21 members or employees. This does not have a fixed price as companies need to get in touch with the sales team to determine a customized price depending on the number of users. This plan also provides team members access to 14,000 quality courses and the company can also create and host its proprietary courses on the platform.

For teams looking to try out the various offers before committing to a subscription, the Team plan offers a 14-day free trial while the enterprise plan offers a free demo.

Benefits Of Udemy For Business

·      Updated Content

One of the criteria based on which courses are accepted onto Udemy for Business is the content relevance. Not only should the content be relevant to these companies, but it should also be up to date with the most modern technologies. As a result, courses on the platform are kept up to date to stay relevant.

·      Quality Content

Courses available on Udemy for Business are positively well-reviewed by students on Udemy. Positive student feedback, course rating, number of enrollments, and instructor reputation are all key considerations before acceptance into Udemy for Business. This ensures that course content available to these companies is of very high quality.

·      Convenience

Users have complete freedom over when they study and how they study as the content is readily available and accessible from the convenience of any subscriber. Employees have the option to learn even from their own homes without the need to visit any particular location for any necessary training.

·      Course Variety

With over 14,000 courses available through Udemy for Business, companies have a wide variety of courses to choose from. Courses in categories including marketing, leadership and strategy, cloud computing, office productivity, workplace and human resources, content management systems, and more are readily available for employee training.

·      Significant Savings

While some may argue this point keeping in mind the cost of subscription per user, companies save significant amounts simply by leveraging Udemy for Business. These companies don’t need to spend on developing each respective course and keeping them updated as the courses are readily available on the platform.

·      Learning Culture

Employees consistently seek, share, and apply new knowledge and skills to improve individual and organizational performance, resulting in the development of a learning culture in the company. This encourages individuals to be curious and continually self-develop, both professionally and holistically.

·      Improve Performance

Employers can target the information and skills they want their employees to have and leverage Udemy for Business to provide training and development. This in turn would boost productivity, as these employees upgrade existing skills with modern techniques while acquiring new skills.

·      Free Trial And Demo

Both team and enterprise plans have either a 14-day free trial or demo for companies to assess the quality of Udemy for Business’ product offering.

·      Customer Support

Udemy provides 24/7 customer support to help companies subscribed to Udemy for Business, address any challenges they may be facing.

Udemy for Business Alternatives

While Udemy for Business has its benefits, some may find not find it the right choice for them. Reasons could range from the quantify of courses to the high cost of subscription to the available packages.
Fortunately, there’re various other alternatives available on the market for companies looking for more affordable options.

Skillshare for Teams

To find an alternative to Udemy, we looked at Skillshare for Teams. As a competitor to Udemy for Business, Skillshare for Teams provides a similar product offering at a lower price point.

Companies can purchase Skillshare for Teams subscriptions and even replace members on Skillshare when someone leaves the team. They also provide 3 subscription packages namely Starter, Enterprise, and Revive.

Unlike Udemy for Business, Skillshare for Teams’ lowest package which is the Starter plan starts from teams of 2 to 19 users and costs $159 per user per year. Subscription to this package would provide each individual employee access to over 35,000 classes.

The Enterprise plan is geared towards teams of more than 20 members and the Revive plan is geared towards teams of 51 or more members. The prices of these two plans are customized for each respective team upon reaching out to Skillshare for Teams’ sales team.

If you’re in the market for a cheaper option Skillshare for Teams is worth considering as they have a huge portfolio of courses. Unfortunately, the quality of their courses would be lesser than the courses available on Udemy for Business.

Pros Of Skillshare for Teams

  • 35k+ courses available on subscribing
  • Relatively cheaper option than Udemy for Business
  • Huge collection of courses to choose from

PLR Courses

Another option worth considering is PLR courses. Unlike purchasing a subscription to Udemy for Business or Skillshare for Teams, PLR courses become the property of the company and can be used for corporate training without the need to renew a subscription.

Private label rights (PLR) courses are courses that include the legal rights to modify and rebrand as necessary when purchased. The company that purchases a PLR license to a course owns a license to the course and can use the course to train their employees or even sell the course to students.

Instead of companies simply paying recurring subscriptions, they can own the courses and leverage them in their employee training.

The biggest challenge in the PLR industry has always revolved around the quality of the courses. Fortunately, we’ve partnered with some of the best online course instructors on Udemy to license their courses.

These courses are some of the best sellers on Udemy and they’re readily available for PLR licensing. Companies can even check out student reviews of these courses directly on Udemy.

Pros Of PLR Courses For Business

  • Own 100% rights to courses
  • No subscription
  • Lifetime license to the courses
  • Use course for corporate training as many times as necessary
  • Content is kept up to date by these instructors
  • Rebrand courses with company credentials

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