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Complete Arabic PLR Course: Learn Arabic for Beginners

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Price: $2200
Duration: 30 hours
Last Update: 08/2022

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Course Rating: 4.0 star
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What you’ll learn

750+ most useful vocabulary words
Top most useful phrases you can use in everyday situations
Proper Arabic pronunciation
How to put basic sentences together
Easily order foods and drinks
Greet people and introduce yourself both formally and casually
The building blocks of Arabic grammar


  • No previous knowledge of Arabic is required. You can start from scratch!
  • A desire to learn Arabic
  • A positive attitude!


Have you ever wanted to learn Arabic? With over 300 million native speakers across the globe, Arabic is the fifth most spoken language in the world. But is that enough reason to pick Arabic out of all the languages you could be learning?

To start, Arabic is the official language in twenty countries across two continents, and used in many more. Many of these countries – The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, Dubai – are huge players in the global financial market. Whether you’re interested in tourism, history or simply expanding your business in one of the world’s largest markets, knowing Arabic will definitely give you an edge. It will also put you one step ahead of your competition when it comes to securing a new position or advancing in your career; studies have shown that Arabic is one of the most sought-after languages due to the increasing need for communication with the Middle East. Finally, due to their connected roots, learning Arabic will help you learn or understand other languages such as Persian, Turkish, Urdu, and Hebrew.

Now, the road to learning Arabic isn’t always going to be easy, of course. That’s exactly why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to Beginner Arabic.

In this course, we’re going to take you through the first steps of your Arabic journey, from absolute beginner to an intermediate level. Our lessons will cover everything, from teaching you how to pronounce the words correctly, to conjugating verbs and forming sentences to express yourself and describe the world around you. We’ll cover the present, past and future tenses, everyday vocabulary, as well as more specialised vocabulary, such as working from home and global healthcare.

During our course, you will learn:

  • Lots and lots of vocabulary
  • Useful everyday phrases
  • Basic sentence structures
  • Basic grammar rules most beginner courses don’t teach

After taking this course you will be able to:

  • Greet people and introduce yourself both formally and casually
  • Learn how to count up to 1000
  • Read a restaurant menu
  • Order food and drinks
  • Give and receive directions
  • Describe yourself and other people in both personality and appearance
  • Tell the time
  • Make requests, describe what you want and what you plan to do
  • Express your feelings, your interests and dislikes
  • Navigate multiple types of everyday situations, like shopping
  • Give and receive directions to places you need to go to
  • Create sentences in the past tense
  • Distinguish between the past tenses
  • Form questions and negations in the past
  • Acquire and hone translation skills
  • Structure new sentences with ease
  • Adapt to new situations, such as using public transportation or visiting the doctor
  • Learn how to use social media and technology
  • Conquer the basics of dating in Arabic
  • Learn to make comparisons
  • Create sentences in the future tense
  • Create sentences in the continuous tenses
  • Conquer hundreds of words necessary for day-to-day life
  • Tackle new topics, such as working from home and global healthcare

This course aims to help you master the basics of Arabic and give you a strong base on which you will be able to build your skills as a Arabic speaker.

Start your Arabic journey with us today!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to start learning Arabic for any purpose – traveling, business, dating, studies, or anything else, this course has you covered
  • Anyone who wants to advance quickly in their Arabic language journey – in a way that’s easy, fun and fast