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Why Teachers Hate These Things

Dealing with a broad range of students from varying backgrounds can be quite challenging but a teacher needs to keep a level head at all times.

That said, it’s sometimes possible for a student or a parent to get the impression that a particular teacher hates them or certain things due to various factors.

This article will address some of these concerns and the reasons behind them

Why Do Teachers Hate Students?

Although teachers are trained to remain calm in all situations in the classroom, an inexperienced teacher faced with a rude and disruptive student who can go out of their way to annoy the teacher may end up disliking them.

It’s a teacher’s responsibility to control a class of students from varying backgrounds and temperaments without any forms of bias.

Why Do Teachers Hate Smart Students?

Most teachers recognize and appreciate the passion of smart students in their class but some teachers in rare cases can feel intimidated by a smart student especially when they fear their mistakes will be pointed out by this student.

Unfortunately, that shouldn’t be the case as a student who corrects a teacher who willingly accepts their mistake and complements the student ends up having increased respect for the teacher.

Some teachers may find it embarrassing when their mistakes are constantly being pointed out by students which can affect their confidence.

Teachers like other professionals make mistakes and this is especially true when the teacher spends hours talking about a subject.

They’re bound to make a mistake and any student who points out this mistake should be commended for paying attention or putting in the extra work to better understand the topic.

Why Do Teachers Hate Phones?

Teachers don’t hate phones but the inappropriate usage of these devices during lessons. While most schools permit the use of mobile devices on campus, their usage during classes can disrupt ongoing lessons.

Do Teachers Hate Dumb Students?

No, teachers don’t hate students for poor performance. A teacher may have a difficult discussion with a student who performed poorly or even recommend additional lessons, but this shouldn’t be taken as hatred.

Teachers love and appreciate students who show initiative even when results aren’t evident and it’s our job to help our students reach their potential.

Not all students have equal cognitive skills and every teacher knows this, which is why lessons are tailored to suit the needs of beginner students.

Why Do Teachers Hate Cheating?

Teachers have the responsibility to train students to understand various topics, test them and revisit such topics when necessary.

Most importantly, the teacher expects students to show integrity academically as the lack thereof could negatively impact them in the future.

Unfortunately, cheating doesn’t help a teacher to ascertain the level of comprehension of their respective students.

Lessons end up progressing with only a few students in the classroom comprehending previously taught topics in this case.

Students are trained to become professionals in their chosen fields. Imagine a doctor with little knowledge in their field although they possess a doctor’s license.

This doctor needs to prescribe medications they know little about for patients. Students, therefore, need to be properly trained and cheating becomes counterproductive in this case.

Can A Teacher Tell A Student To Shut Up?

No. Although there’re no regulations against telling a student to shut up, teachers are not supposed to yell that to students irrespective of their actions, the stress level of the teacher, or whichever mood they’re in.

Teachers are expected to be professional irrespective of the challenges, and how troublesome or disrespectful the learners are being.

That said a teacher who tells their students to shut up, would in most cases suffer no disciplinary actions.

Why Do Teachers Hate Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is crowd-sourced, which means anyone can create an entry or edit any entry irrespective of the quality of the content. For this reason, some teachers advise students against the use of Wikipedia during research.

However, most teachers still recommend the use of Wikipedia as a starting point for any research especially since good Wikipedia articles come with references to the original sources of information.

Students can simply visit these Wikipedia pages, scroll down to the bottom to find the links to the references from where they can find or verify the relevant information.

Some popular subjects on Wikipedia are also moderated and sometimes cannot be edited to maintain their relevance and correctness.

Why Do Teachers Hate Talking?

Listening is an important part of communication which becomes difficult for a teacher when students are talking instead of listening to the explanation of the subject matter.

Unless demanded by the teacher, talking while the teacher is speaking or interrupting their speech is considered to be very disrespectful.

Why Do Teachers Hate Google Translate?

Although Google Translate is a great translation tool, language teachers prefer that their students gain a better understanding of the language through a manual and more accurate translation.

Translators may be able to translate individual words but lack the sophistication to fully convey the tone of more complex conversations.

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