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Zoom Classes: 13 Things To Know

From teachers to students we’ve all heard of or at the very least used Zoom at some point either before or definitely during the pandemic.

With the popularity of video conferencing up skyrocketing came privacy concerns when Zoom is used for online lessons.

We’ll be answering a few of these questions to put both teachers and students at ease to continue using the app without any challenges.

Can Zoom Teachers Turn On Your Camera?

No, Zoom teachers can’t turn on your camera but they can “Ask to Start Video”. This will present you with a dialogue that enables you to choose between turning on your camera or not.

Teachers or any host on Zoom requires the permission of participants or in this case students before they can turn on your camera.

Can The Host See You When Your Camera Is Off On Zoom?

No, they will need access to your camera to be able to see you which will require your permission to be turned on. Each participant on Zoom has full control over their camera and audio devices and the host can only request for you to enable them but not turn them on remotely without your permission.

How To Mute Your Teacher On Zoom As A Student

This is a strange question but on the off chance that a teacher needs to be muted, you’ll need to be the host to be able to mute participants. Participants in Zoom meetings won’t be able to mute other participants including the host. If you have host rights, you can mute the teacher by following this process.

  1. Click Participants on the bottom toolbar
  2. Scroll through participants to find the teacher
  3. Hover over the teacher’s name and click Mute next to their names

Can Zoom Teachers Hear You In Breakout Rooms?

No, teachers who haven’t joined the breakout room cannot hear or record students or participants in breakout rooms. Teachers can only hear and record you when they also join or enter the breakout room.

Can Teachers Record Breakout Rooms Zoom?

Teachers can record breakout rooms but only when they’ve joined the breakout room. They will not be able to record the breakout room while outside it. If a teacher would like to record a breakout room but doesn’t want to stay, they can enter and provide a participant the right to record.

Can Zoom Teachers See You In Breakout Rooms?

No, teachers can only see and hear students when they enter the students’ breakout room. They however won’t be able to see or hear students when they haven’t entered the students’ breakout room.

Can Teachers See Breakout Room Chats?

No, teachers outside the breakout room cannot see ongoing chats in the breakout room. However, they can see breakout room chats when they’re inside the breakout room.

Feel at ease if you said something you believe the teacher wouldn’t approve of in their absence.

Can Teachers See Breakout Rooms Without Joining?

No, teachers outside the breakout rooms won’t be able to see, hear or record students and they also can’t read student chats unless they’ve joined the breakout room.

Can Teachers See If You Watch Zoom Recording?

Yes, recordings backed up to the cloud, that may require some form of login will provide analytics on who watched, how long, and how much of the video they watched.

Why Can Teachers See My Face On Zoom Call?

Check your camera as you may have it enabled. Teachers can only see you through your camera which requires your permission to be enabled. However, your initials or profile picture will be visible when your camera is disabled.

Can My School See My Zoom Meetings?

If you use the school’s account (your school email) to host the Zoom meeting, any admin will be able to see the details of your meeting. However, they will not be able to acquire the details of a meeting if someone outside the institution is hosting the meeting.

Administrator accounts for corporate or organizational email accounts have full admin access to any email accounts related to the organization.

How To See Students Screens On Zoom?

To view a student’s screen you’ll need to ask them to share their screen by clicking the “Share Screen” button in the lower toolbar. They can then select whether they’d like to share a specific application or simply share the entire screen.

Can Zoom Teachers See My Screen?

Teachers can only see your screen when you decide to share your screen by pressing the appropriately named “Share Screen” button.

However, you should be wary of any mirrors behind you that could reflect your screen when your device’s camera is enabled.

Zoom also had an Attendee attention tracking which alerted the host whenever Zoom wasn’t the active application on the participant or student’s computer. This feature has been removed due to privacy concerns.

If you’re on a computer provided by the school, there could be software installed on it to track activities or you may have been required to install specific software. In a situation like this, it’s safe to assume that the school probably knows more about you than Facebook does.

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