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What Is Rainbow Writing

Repetition is key when kindergarteners are learning to write the alphabet and words. Colors appeal to kids and get them excited, making it a perfect approach to teaching them to write.

We usually give them activities where they need to trace or write an alphabet or word with a specific color.

As much they enjoy using their crayons to scribble all over their books and walls, cultivating this enthusiasm in the right direction will make the process more profitable.

This is where rainbow writing comes into play. Rainbow writing is a fun, and creative way of making writing more engaging by repeatedly tracing letters with multiple colors.

Make your class more engaging with this 95-page rainbow writing worksheet

what is rainbow writing - prioritylearn

The general idea is usually to make the word or letter have the colors of a rainbow (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet).

That said, the main purpose of such a fun and engaging activity is to foster creativity with learners.

Therefore learners are allowed to leverage any number and types of colors they wish to use to express and explore their unique and individual creativity.

This makes learning to write a fun process for kids as they love to create their own beautiful characters and words.

You’ll need some of the following for your classroom’s rainbow writing activity.

  • Alphabet, letter tracing, or grab a copy of our rainbow writing worksheets
  • Lined paper
  • Crayons or colored pencils

Setting up a rainbow writing activity is very simple. You can leverage any of the above tools to use in your rainbow writing class or you can simply write out the letters or words you’d like your learner to practice.

This can be alphabets, numbers, shapes, or even sight words.

Rainbow Writing Worksheets

No need to spend time designing worksheets to teach your kindergarteners rainbow writing. We’ve created 95 beautiful rainbow writing printable worksheets for you. Simply click this link to access them.

what is rainbow writing - prioritylearn

How Does Rainbow Writing Work In Kindergarten

Now that you have everything you need for your rainbow writing class, you can simply follow these steps

  1. Decide the letters or alphabets you’d like your learners to practice. This can range from alphabets to sight words. It can be an alphabet or word learners are already used to something new for them to learn
  2. If it’s a new word or letter, you’ll need to ensure that learners know how to pronounce and also spell them before beginning the writing activity.
  3. If you’ll be using a worksheet, ensure that you’ve printed enough for all your learners and then hand them out. If you’ll be using lined paper ensure that all learners are well-equipped with their line papers.
  4. Alternatively, if your learners aren’t very conversant with writing, it is necessary to boldly write the words or letters for the activity on the worksheet or lined papers before making copies. Note that for older learners, this process may be unnecessary.
  5. You can now ask learners to trace over a letter or word as many times as they’d like using their preferred colors to produce unique results or specify the colors they should use for this activity. I prefer giving children the liberty to be creative with whichever colors they like sometimes but a guiding hand in some cases may be necessary.

Bear in mind that the lines drawn don’t need to be perfect but the mess they make and the engagement encourages them to repeat the activity even at their homes.

Make your class more engaging with this 95-page rainbow writing worksheet

Benefits Of Rainbow Writing

  • Makes learning to write a fun and engaging process
  • Fosters creativity among early learners
  • Motivates learners to write more
  • Makes school and lessons more exciting
  • Improves spelling among learners

Rainbow Writing Activities

Rainbow writing is fun on its own but there’re some creative ways it can be leveraged to make your classes even more engaging and interactive.

  • You can ask learners to write each letter in a word with separate colors
  • You can ask learners to trace using a select number of colors
  • You can also ask learners to roll a die and then write rainbow write in the color corresponding to the number that they rolled
  • You can also use a color wheel to choose colors that learners should use one after the other
  • You can also ask learners to write their names or name random objects and then rainbow write it

The Bottom Line

Rainbow writing is a great way to make learning to write at the kindergarten level more engaging and interactive both in the class and at home.

It is easy to implement and can help kindergarten teachers and parents better engage learners and help them become better writers.

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